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Michael J. B.

This letter is written on behalf of Tom Falciglia as a reference for his qualifications and capabilities as a builder and contractor. I will organize my comments in three areas: my relationship with Tom, the development of the “work product,” and his personal characteristics.

I have known Tom since 2003. My wife and I met Tom at an Open House for a custom home that he had built in our town. We loved the quality of his work, but were not crazy about the property. We reconnected a year later and worked closely with Tom on the design and construction of a similar home in 2004-2005. As an award-winning builder, his eye for detail and his passion for delivering a quality product are reflected in the home we reside in today. We lived close by and during the construction my wife was able to be onsite every day to monitor the progress. Tom was accommodating and flexible to any and all changes we requested, and had several valuable insights as well. Since that time we have used Tom as a contractor on a variety of projects, including the design and scoping of a self-standing pool house with apartment and the purchase and installation of a 36kw standby generator. There have been other smaller projects along the way and we have also recommended Tom to relatives and friends who have also employed him and were equally pleased with his work. So that’s how we know Tom.

As a contractor, all of Tom’s personal characteristics, which I will describe below, make him the “go to” person for any project that requires planning, coordination and accountability. Tom has tremendous access to a breath of quality vendors and craftsmen from his construction experience. They all not only speak highly of him but make his every request their highest priority. Listening to them speak about Tom is both impressive and reassuring. What I especially value in Tom’s work is the personal accountability he takes, with no excuses, and a sense of urgency that is most valuable. He delivers on-time and on-budget, and has effective project management skills for the coordination of very complex projects. To me it’s a positive sign that he can get stressed about certain activities because it reflects the fact that he cares about what he is doing and holds himself accountable.

Maybe most importantly, Tom is a one-of-a-kind gentleman. He is ethical and principled, a man of very high integrity. While having mastered the “nuts and bolts” of construction, Tom brings a creative mind and a good understanding of his customer’s needs to projects as well. He listens, he thinks, he modifies, and he delivers. He will challenge if he thinks your ideas don’t make sense but at the end of the day he “gets it” that you have to be happy with your project.


Michael J. B.

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