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Tom Falciglia’s career in custom residential and commercial building spans four decades, beginning in 1971 when he joined Kingswood Kitchens Inc. as a designer.  Tom’s talent and capacity to manage people and projects was instrumental as Kingswood transformed itself from an operation employing 12 individuals producing 15 custom kitchens per week, to a significant enterprise employing 80 individuals producing 50 custom kitchens per week.  Tom became a partner in Kingswood in 1973, leading the sales, design and production teams.  “As a kitchen designer,” he notes, “you work with such small increments – an eighth of an inch – that you learn to design with precision.”

Following a family tradition established by his grandfathers and father, Tom, in partnership with Paul Valeri, founded Falciglia & Valeri Construction LLC in 1995.  Over the past 16 years, Falciglia & Valeri produced many award-winning custom commercial and residential projects.  Most notably, winning the 2008 HOBI - Best Spec Home ($6-7 million); 2006 HOBI - Best Spec Home ($3-4 million); 2005 HOBI - Best Spec Home ($2-3 million); 2004 HOBI - Best Custom; 2004 HOBI - Best Commercial.

Tom attributes much of this success to his being a very hands-on project manager, enjoying both the design aspect as well as the physical supervision on each project.  Tom’s motto “award-winning attention to detail” is evident in all of the projects in which he is involved.  One such example was a steam shower constructed for the master bathroom at Captain’s Watch at Ryder Farm, a 2008 HOBI award winner.  Tom designed the pattern tiled ceiling which was slanted with a two-fold purpose: to be aesthetically pleasing while allowing condensation to travel down the ceiling to the wall, avoiding steam dripping from the ceiling.

Tom acknowledges that he has a gift for being able to visualize the outcomes of his projects before he even draws the first line.  Tom attributes this ability to his many successful years as a partner and kitchen designer at Kingswood.  “I give a lot of thought to every detail, allowing me to do it once and do it right, resulting in a quality outcome”.


Tom is a lifelong resident of New Fairfield, Connecticut, and was very involved in coaching his sons Brian and Scott in youth soccer and little league baseball, and helping to build the New Fairfield High School wrestling club.


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